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Toronto event aims to help young girls navigate the ‘netherworld’ between being a child and becoming an adult

I am so grateful to be the Community Leader of G Day for Girls Toronto. I’m still processing all the goodness, but in case you haven’t heard me obsessing over this new movement that unites and empowers adolescent girls in the last few months, here is an article about the event that happened this past Sunday.

National Post

A new event is bringing together girls and their parents to smooth out the awkwardness of that big change, puberty.

It’s called G-Day and it’s the creation of United Girls of the World, a non-profit organization.

“Age 10 to 20 is a kind of netherworld between being a child and becoming a true adult,” says Madeleine Shaw, a director at United Girls of the World. “We really want girls feeling great about who they are right now, because at adolescence when their bodies start to change, society likes to give them a whole different set of messages about how they need to be different.”

The event focuses on tween-aged girls, ages 10 to 12, and provides them with a full day of activities meant to foster a sense of community and help them become confident in their sense of self.

Age 10 to 20 is a kind of netherworld between…

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