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you seemed like a legit teacher

I just finished my first month-long practicum at a crazy cool alternative school. I gave my grade 12 English and Philosophy classes a form, asking them for qualitative feedback on my performance in four areas:

o    Lesson design & delivery

o    Content

o    Interpersonal

o    Additional feedback

Some of the feedback was instructive, edifying, and heartwarming. Some of it was highly entertaining.  Overall, the reviews were positive (phew!), confirming that my first attempt at applying my pedagogic values to a formal classroom setting was successful. A few students commented that I should have been more assertive or authoritative, but most appreciated my relational approach to classroom management. Here is a selection of the feedback I received from my students:

Saw you less of as an authoritative teacher, but more as a mentor, sucks that your leaving kinda began to look up to you. Your pretty cool in my opinion.

1 thing: when no one had read the article and you told us to read for a few minutes, most people started talking. I had to plug my ears and enter a noise cocoon which ended up making me feel kind of ill.

Good, Good, Good, Good, Good,
Good, Good, Good, Good, Good,

hi im pikachu. for future student I would suggest you be more strict friendship is great its fun, but that’s perhaps not the most efficient way to teach as students/children were used to power structures that involve giving power/responsibility to someone else. the idea is if your not strict with us we will not be strict with ourselves this dependency is perhaps bad because some people never evolve beyond it. but it is a stage we must all pass through wouldn’t it be easier if their were answers we could act upon instead of just questions.

You should speak to each student as an individual rather than in a group. (That way each student feels okay about themself)

Of course you smart ☺

I know you sometimes had trouble controlling the class, and I think an effective way to help will come with time and you’ll develop your own method. All the teachers who I know who are able to control the class al have their own individual method. It was GOOD that you never raised your voice.

Students are like animals. Show no fear.

I actually understand logical fallacies.
Maybe a little less reading.
I hate readings.
Take a bit more initiative.
Enjoyed activities.

Don’t be afraid to raise your voice and yell

Don’t say “I don’t want to have to raise my voice.” It never works.

I thought that you came off as a friend which is great for a teacher because then the students respect you you didn’t yell at us you dealed with conflict well

You did help with a lot of my knowledge.
When we asking very direct questions
You were really good at answering
You knew like everything ☺

You never talked down to us and that was amazing.

It’s like you were Plato!

The activities you came up with always made me think, and although sometimes annoying (in a good way) they weren’t just assignments my brain could slide over. Like the logical fallacies assignment, it made me confused and anxious but I further progressed my knowledge.

You seemed like a legit teacher and I would like it if you were my actual teacher

I especially like the fact that you don’t stutter or say “filler words” (ex. Like, you know, um, uh)

You seemed to know what you were talking about and if you didn’t know then you hid it really well.

Be more dominant. Show we can’t push you around or bullshit you. But that wasn’t a huge problem.

Your lesson plans were fantastically linear, and you have a magnificent ability to allow discussions to flow in a manner that does not divert the class from the direction of the lesson. Your activities were underpinned strongly by your in depth knowledge and humanized communicability.

I think on a scale of 1-10 you ranked an 8 ½ because you helped out a lot and tried to explain to the best of your ability.

You might need to be more of a hard-ass in a tougher crowd. Students at our school aren’t that HXC

I learned quite a bit (especially considering it was lit. theory)

If there’s ruckus in the class, don’t go directly to a person, try addressing the class.

When you ask “does everyone get it?” When everyone is silent → doesn’t always mean we get it

It really was good that you got to know our names. It makes us know you care/are trying.

Not trying to suck up, but you were one of the best student teachers I’ve had.