Good Morning, Class!

Teach’em Good is the shiny red apple on your teacher’s desktop. Crunchy, juicy, crisp ideas about education from the mind of Emily Rose Antflick, a secondary school teacher from Toronto, Canada. I’ve recently returned from Bali, Indonesia, where I lived in a bamboo house and worked with the Green School. Currently, I am volunteering as Toronto Community Leader of G Day for Girls , a modern rite of passage that empowers and celebrates adolescent girls.

I completed a BEd an MA in Education and have taught at public and private schools. Before entering the classroom, I worked for a number of educational non-profit organizations, and taught for a couple of years at the ROM, where I got just as excited as the students did about touching artefacts from Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and Medieval Europe. I did an MA in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning at OISE-UT – my thesis is available online through the U of T library.

About me, and what you might find on this blog:

  • I know good grammar but sometimes I willfully ignore it.
  • There’s theory in here somewhere, but I don’t do jargon.
  • I am drawn to good-doers, not do gooders, and I see teaching as my best shot at bringing about positive social change.
  • I’d rather be canoeing.

Contact me at emily.antflick[at]gmail.com

Here’s a little bit more about my educational journey…in a spoken word poem




3 responses to “About

  1. Emily!! I found this blog somewhere somehow and I love it… and THEN i found out that it is yours!!

    You are such a rockstar! I just subscribed. So this just in – I am making a move to teach high school full time. Enough big picture thinking – I need to get in the trenches.

    Anyway – awesome blog.

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