SAP on the Web

Recently I have been maintaining another blog – this one  was created specifically for my grade 11 Intro to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology class (HSP3M – a.k.a. SAP, the one where I did the ‘study your teacher’ first day activity).

It’s called SAP on the Web, and has become my primary means of communicating with my students outside of class. So far it has not been the most productive forum, but it’s definitely a more functional way to get handouts, links, and media texts out there, rather than relying on our school’s Edline page.

I’d love to hear other educators’ ideas around creating a meaningful online community for your secondary school classes. Of course, feel free to use any of the handouts or resources that I post on there.  I am totally indebted to other teachers’ blogs, tweets, and wikis – there are so many great ideas out there.

Thanks for sharing!




2 responses to “SAP on the Web

  1. Hey,

    Love the blog! Have you tried. ? Not sure if it’s what you’re looking for, but it’s a great site where you can different forms of media and have students log on and leave comments on via web cam or even their phones! Check it out. I’m using it in my CGC1D1 class for their unit 2 summative “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”

  2. Thanks Matt – I hadn’t heard of it but it looks very cool. Will try to work it in somewhere…would have been very cool for deconstructing ads for my lessons on media as an agent of socialization in HSP3M last month.

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